Auto-scheduling for healthcare professionals

Planny generates your shift schedules in one click, respecting labour laws, worker preferences and your team's specific scheduling style.


Stop wasting time and energy building schedules


Increase employee satisfaction with legal, flexible and fair schedules


Manage unexpected events with a visibility on best replacement solutions

Scheduling Engine

Let our technology solve the scheduling puzzle

Labour law compliance

Generate only Labour-compliant schedules. If an illegal modification is made, a detailed alert is shown.

Team member preferences

Let your team members enter multiple preferences: days, shifts, dates, shift sequences.

Schedule fairness

Guarantee the fair attribution of shift types, public holidays and preferences.

Special scheduling rules

Conditional coverage, on-call management, perfect rotations, adjustable shift-grouping, addition of external workers... Our engine contains more than 50 rules encountered in healthcare teams.

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Easily set up...

Your team

Add your team members, their competences, their activity rates and days worked.

Your shifts

Configure your shifts and their minimal and maximal coverage, per day, per competence.

Your special rules

Conditional coverage, conditional resting time, special shift sequences, rotations, relative weighing of concurrent objectives.

The team's preferences

Through a dedicated web access, your team members can enter their preferences in the system themselves for each new scheduling period.

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Our Workforce Management platform

Coming soon...

Time and attendance tracking

Modifications and regulatory alerts

Web / mobile access for the team member

Secured cloud deployement

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